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Synthetic Phonics – fast and effective with every child

Synthetic Phonics is at the core of Yes! We Can Read program because it gets impressive results for every child!

What makes Synthetic Phonics so powerful:

  • Quick – no painful ‘sound a week'; we do a group of phonemes (sounds) and start reading right away

  • Thorough – all 44 phonemes of the English language are taught

  • Explicit – no guessing games

  • Systematic – grows in complexity as a child moves from Foundation to Year 1 to Year 2

  • Consistent – same approach through Foundation-2, so the message about how to read unknown words is consistent

  • Efficient – teach both reading and spelling in your busy curriculum

What is Synthetic Phonics?

Synthetic Phonics is a technical name that has nothing to do with being artificial! It is the synthesising, or blending of phonemes (sounds) to make a word, enabling children to read.

At a glance, Synthetic Phonics teaches children:
  • That spoken words are composed of phonemes (sounds)

  • The 44 phonemes of the English language

  • All the different ways each phoneme can be represented, e.g. the phoneme /a/ as in ‘apron’ can be spelled (‘ay’ like in ‘pay’, ‘ai’ like in ‘paid’, ‘a’ like in ‘apron’, ‘eigh’ like in ‘eight’ and so on…)

  • To blend phonemes in a word to read

  • To listen for phonemes in words to spell

  • Irregular, high frequency words (we call them camera words), which are essential to help children progress the quality of their writing and move onto reading full sentences

  • The phoneme first and then the letter name

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